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Suppressors get a bad rap here in the states. They've been demonized by the left, and depicted unrealistically in the Liberal Hollywood Lore. They have done this so effectively, they even have pro 2nd amendment types questioning the "legitimacy" of suppressor use.

Suppressors help to limit the noise of shooting. In fact, in in certain EUROPEAN Countries, it's considered bad manners to shoot WITHOUT a suppressor. Good neighbors are quiet neighbors.

Suppressors are nice for teaching new shooters. The recoil is one thing, and the muzzle blast is something else all together. A more tame muzzle blast helps concentrated on the fundamentals of shooting with out the flash bang distraction.

Hearing protection is also the biggest argument for shooting suppressed. On the range, it's nice to be able to communicate without shouting. It's also a big benefit for home defence. I don't know how many folks keep a set of ear muffs next to their home defence gun. Setting off a round in the confines of your house WILL damage your hearing. With a good suppressor, you limit that damage.

I shot a carbine shoot last month and was fortunate to use a Trident 9 on my 9mm Glock. It is a MUCH nicer to shoot with a suppressor than without from an aesthetic standpoint.

This magazine had one 124gr bullet in it, the rest were 147gr. It's a glock long slide with a Trident-9 Suppressor on it.!/video/vid...ubj=1254105894
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