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Notice how you (the thread starter) were the only one to call it a "Silencer".... That word came from hollywood..
The ATF rules concerning suppressors is stunningly stupid (how many federal laws arent?).. If you are going to commit a shooting crime and dont want the entire town to know you have, simply using a pillow will have the same effect of greatly toning down the loud report of your gun... I have even shot .22's with nothing more than a 20 oz plastic soda bottle that made it near-silent.. SO.. If you really want to "silence" a gun for a crime, it is very easy to do..
There is no good reason for the stupid rule... I would like to have them simply to be able to shoot without ear protection, and also for the fact that if I had them, I could enjoy shooting in my own backyard without bringing down the entire police force on my head..

The ATF and the left are really good at making rules that common sense would normally overrule.. Just like on my Sig P556.. WTF makes that weapon so much more deadly if I were to install a foregrip on it, that makes it necessary for me to go through the dreadful paperwork to make it "legal"? Or for that matter, put a stock on it?

While I am at it, I dont have a problem with needing a Class III license to own full auto.. But why did those arseholes in Washington also make it illegal for full auto weapons to be manufactured (except for LEO)? All that did was make a $1500 weapon cost upwards of $15,000 because it is a "Grandfathered" weapon...
Schumer and the likes need to be put on an island out in the middle of the ocean..
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