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Wrong. (and it's "suppressor", not silencer - 'silencer' is a Hollywood/mall ninja term that inaccurately describes what the item is capable of)

The term "silencer" was not an invention of Hollywood at all.

While not technically correct, it was coined by Hiram Maxim around 1902.
Leigh is Absolutely correct. In fact, Hiram Maxim developed his "Silencers" for both firearms and that new fangled internal combustion engine in tandem. In England, they call the muffler of a car "silencer" to this day. If you look at the 5320.4 you will see that box C that asks for the "type of firearm" will clearly state "Muffler or Silencer" among the choices. Suppressor does not show on the form at all.

My form 4's all say "Silencer" in the item description. Silencer is indeed the "Legal" term still used today.

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