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To answer your question, they are not generally outlawed. I believe 35 or so states allow civilian ownership. As to "ballistically changed" part, once the bullet leaves the barrel, the bullet never touches the interior of the suppressor to change the rifling marks on the bullet. The markings left by the rifling on the bullet would be no different than if fired unsuppressed.

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Very true! Very true. Next thing you know some techie at ATF is showing the boss how to track terrorists through personal ID tracers left in the meta when you posted that and as an "experiment" they knock on your door & ask in exactly what scenario were you shooting at what and using a coke bottle to suppress the sound for what reason? Hmm? BIG can of worms on that one!

Also, why has no one mentioned the reason that they are generally outlawed in the US? To the best of my knowledge it was because a bullet that passes through a suppressor becomes ballistically changed and the slug can no longer be matched to the rifling of the barrel of the gun it was fired from for a ballistic match to be used as evidence in a trial.
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