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Originally Posted by FPNunes View Post
Very nice. Must be a joy to shoot.
Thanks. It is. The fact that it uses GLOCK mags even more so!
Originally Posted by G21ACPBeliever
Also, why has no one mentioned the reason that they are generally outlawed in the US? To the best of my knowledge it was because a bullet that passes through a suppressor becomes ballistically changed and the slug can no longer be matched to the rifling of the barrel of the gun it was fired from for a ballistic match to be used as evidence in a trial.
If you're using a modern suppressor and you're bullets are touching your baffles, you ruined your suppressor!

There is no good reason to "outlaw" suppressors. I'm not sure how prevalent poaching is, but I can't see that poaching on the top 10 crimes in America. They pass a LOT of laws under the guise of preserving "Sporting Uses" in America.

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