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Rex 2 or Rex 3

Originally Posted by Burien View Post
135gn JHP Nosler with 8.0 grains of REX II, 1.250" = 1260 fps no pressure signs at all, very pleasant to shoot, cool morning today. Winchest LP.

* I find that the Wolf LP kicks up the FPS about 20 fps ave.

I loaded up 17 grains of WC820 surplus (like AA#9) much bigger "boom / flash" and not all powder burned, began to clog up the chamber, getting 1160 fps out of it, with Winchester large pistol, again no pressure signs.
Again I'm sold on REX II
I strongly recommend to try Rex3. It's safer (slower burning) and results will be better - you can put it more in case because it's heavier.
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