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Dak Questions answered

The Dak system on Sigs makes the trigger similar to a double action only revolver. It is a long reset long pull trigger. It is the same every time you pull it and for LEO has accidental discharge advantages.It can be smoothed to give around a six pound trigger pull , but there is no single action position available.I am a SIG Armorer and have worked on all types of SIGS and like the DAK ok, but feel it is not as good as the conventional SA/DA set up or the single action only. The best to me is a short reset trigger kit with a short trigger . The double action pulls on SIGS can be smoothed to around 8-9 pounds and with the short reset kit the single action is great. You can also shoot much faster with the single action or the short reset double action single action set up. Precision shooting is far better with the single action triggers or the double action single action in the single action position.
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