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I know how enthralled you are with the wizardry of physics and those involved in the mysterious, and arguably black arts. (I always thought it was something that helped you go potty.)

My sister sent this to me this morning, she loves to brag on her hubby. I guess it's a pretty big deal, I have no idea. The upside of his job is that he goes to the CERN several times a tear and usually stops in Spain hence my constant supply of Cuban cigars.

I guess one of these days he'll do something that will change the world but if I get elected as King of the Planet I'll change it a lot more than he ever dreamed.

I hope you understand what it means, every time he talks to me I end up daydreaming about women.

Life is a little bit tragic but mostly magic... Learn to deal with the tragic and CHERISH THE MAGIC

A PACIFIST is someone who won't raise their hands to defend themselves...
A COWARD is someone who won't raise their hands to defend someone else.
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