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Originally Posted by G-20er View Post
I didn't have any signs of over pressure up to 9 grain with the 200 gr. XTP. So I don't think there is a problem to go over max listed. However, I don't see any reason to either. The more powder I added the velocity never really went up. This speed of powder with the heavy 200gr. bullets is at it's limit at 1170-1180 fps out of the standard length barrel.

My experience is that I need to go to a slightly slower burning powder to get a little more velocity. Using max loads of LongShot with the 200gr XTP I still had about .090 gap between top of powder and base of bullet which tells me I can and should go with a slower powder (takes up more room). I prefer 98%-100% load density.

My next powder to try for this 200gr XTP bullet is 13-13.5 gr. of AA#9. I hear it meters well and load density should be perfect. CCI Mag primers will be used. Looking for a goal of 1200 fps.

If your happy with 1170 fps from a 200 gr. projectile, I would say LongShot is a great powder. Meters very well, burns clean with mag primers and is the only choice I would use from Hodgdon in the 10mm with heavy bullets. I hear HS7 burns dirty which is not what I want when I'm shooting 300 rounds in one day at the range with tight clearances on a KKM barrel.

Still can't wait to reload using AA#9.
The only powder I use for the G20 with the 200 grain XTP is AA#9 I would start with 12.5 grains. I backed off from 13.0 and 13.5. 12.5 grains seems the best bang for the powder. I did not find much velocity improvement over 12.5 of AA"9 in a Barstow barrel.
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