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A variety of questions from a new guy...

Potential new guy that is!

Hey Everyone,

My wife recently got her concealed carry permit in CT and would like to take over carrying my Kel-Tec PF9 since she handles and shoots it very well. In doing so I'll need to find a new carry gun aside from my G19.

The G33 has made it to the top of the list. However I do have some questions I would need answered before moving forward with the purchase.

Would you all be able to help?

Here we go:

#1 - Does the stock Glock barrel in the G33 have a fully supported chamber? I would like to shoot reloads (FMJ or Plated) in the G33 to practice with it...however I would hope that I do not need to purchase a KKM barrel in order to do this.

#2 - Do you shoot reloads out of your stock Glock barrel or do you use an aftermarket barrel?

#3 - In regards to reloading the 357 Sig round I'm planning on getting a Redding 3 Die set. Do any of you use the seating/crimping function in one station or do you use a separate taper crimp die in another station?

#4 - Since this is a short barreled gun would I be well suited by looking into using Accurate #7 powder? I'm looking for good case fill volume but think some of the slower powders may be a waste in a short barrel. Any powder recommendations for a 125gn Montana Gold bullet in Starline brass?

#5 - Final one for now...I swear. Georgia Arms Canned Heat ammo seems to be pretty it viable for practice until I get the reloading situation squared away?



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