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Walmart parking lot Black Friday....

My wife and I were meeting up at Wal-mart, and as I arrived in the parking lot (from work) I noticed a car that had collided into a parked car. It had snowed so I thought man that sucks and started over to my wife's car which was heading in my direction. I had grabbed my coat, when i noticed the same car reverse it's course and then hit the gas and broadside a Cadillac. My wife hadn't noticed the car and started to walk out into the lot traffic after parking her car. At this point I yelled at her to stop, and as she looked up the car was gunning it's engine and again was reversing straight for her.....I had closed most of the distance between myself and the deranged driver, and my wife, then drew down on the lunatic. My wife had managed to get out of the way, and as the driver turned towards me and noticed the Springfield XDM .40 pointed at him with firm orders to stop the car, he bailed out of the car. The car started rolling forward and came to a rest against a Ford pick-up F250. The driver however managed to flee, and after the Police arrived had determined that the car had been stolen. I relayed to the police that when the driver first noticed me it seemed that his intention was to run me down, then he noticed the gun....The police took more information from witnesses, and thanked me for saving lives. First however I had to wait to receive my gun back after they watched the surviellance tapes. I couldn't even imagine what could of happened if my wife had the kids with her. God protects us by putting guns in good peoples hands.

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