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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post

'Frame harmonics' is a polymer pistol frame operating phenomenon that - to the best of my knowledge - I am the first member of this board to, either, mention or post any suspicions about.

At the time, the reaction of the general membership was, 'dead silence'; and, it took the Glock factory, itself, more than another year before they were finally ready to publicly admit this unique operating characteristic of polymer frame pistols.

As already stated: Glock's polymer frame pistols are, indeed, 'works in progress'. As a group, the third generation pistols - and especially the later serial number third generation pistols - are, without question, the most trouble free polymer pistols in the world.

Still, and again as I've already stated, if Glock's model lineup of polymer pistols has two outstanding physical characteristics, those characteristics would be extreme reliability AND inconsistency.

The long and the short of things is that - regardless of whatever the model number may be - if you have a Glock pistol that works, keep it.

If, however, you have a Glock pistol that does not work then attribute it to a, 'learning curve' - Either: your own, or someone else's. (It's, kind 'a, like being part of a great industrial experiment - Isn't it!)
Thank you & thank you, just when I don't expect to find anything new and interesting, on GT, SHAZAAM, it happens.

'Frame harmonics' is the perfect name for the problem occurring here, IMO. I believe, if some very high speed movies were taken, of Glocks firing, we would see some strange frame shapes. I can't remember ever seeing a picture of a shell case blowing out, in the 6 O'clock chamber position, until Glock came along. It's sorta like he said, if your Glock works, keep it.

Finally, a breath of fresh air!
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