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I do a number of things to keep backed up. My primary machine is a Mac with a Time machine backup. Time machine uses my External Raid 1 enclosure... so everything is cloned across two disks.

On the computer being backed up, I save all my files to my Dropbox folder. So every document, photo and video, Java code etc I work on goes into the dropbox folder. Dropbox not only syncs the contents of this folder, it also keeps a copy online and even keeps old versions in case I need to go back.

Finally, I've just begun to use Crashplan, which is a service I can install on all my computers and my friends's/family computers to keep off-site backups. I'll be installing an external hard drive on my Dad's mac this weekend as an off-site target for my backups. In turn I'll be installing a drive for his backups on my machine as well.

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