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Originally Posted by legion3 View Post
Yep sorry about that. I have a thing for Austrian Eagle marked Glocks. And the Glock ges.m.b.h is cool too.

Just to make you feel better, my bid was over $800. This gun looks like it was fired very little, like a cop gun, the finish is worn but evenly and smoothly. Looks like it did mostly holster duty.
Glad you scored the 17L legion3

I have my eyes on another one now..
It's a 2nd Generation 17L & will see it again Dec31st-Jan2nd..
I only looked for a moment atthe last gunshow & it's been talking to me ever since..
I know the seller & he didn't even have a price on the gun..
If I had some decent trade fodder he'd be interested "I HOPE"
We'll see..
I've wanted a 17L for 25 years & it's about time I walked into one at a good price..

Wish Me Luck!!
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