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I posted this Edit on my Original Post to this thread yesterday:

I requested a change to the thread's name, and I've decided to add something to this OP to better clarify the thread's intent.

There are dozens of threads, if not hundreds, with the subject "Why I/you/we CCW"...which is why I started this thread in the first place: to ask specifically about "Defining Moments" that you may have had, which led you to the decision to CCW. I haven't kept track of exact numbers, but a considerable portion of the posts -- particularly those more recent -- have been along the lines of "I CCW because..." which doesn't fit the thread's intent.

I'm not trying to play Moderator here, nor am I criticizing those who've posted "Why I Carry" responses to this thread; I'm simply wanting to remind folks that this thread is meant to be different from those "Why I Carry" threads.

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