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Why I carry

First I wanted to apologize for previous reply's that were off topic, I just got my membership and still learning the lay of the land.

NE ways I first decided or should I say made a concious decision to CCW carry (off duty) when there were several break-ins in my neighborhood, cars, homes etc. I also do not want to be noticed as an off duty LEO and be targeted unprepared. I finally have talked my wife into CC and am in the process of buying her a firearm. After much research on my part via internet, news stories, I have made a pretty good case to her on the importance of carrying a gun whether concealed or open. I think the most persuasive context came in the form of her protecting our children when I am not present. I also am concerned about the fact that addresses and personal info are readily available online to anyone who wants to look, as a personal practice I don't answer the door without having an insurance plan on my person ie (XD subcompact or G22). Of course I also have a back-up plan and a back-up to the back-up plan.
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