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Originally Posted by ProjectCamaro View Post
Considering Wisconsin has NO CCW rights I would give up my AR15 to carry.
Amen Brother.

Originally Posted by joemerchant24 View Post
That's the crux of a question I was asked this morning by a person on the inside at the Statehouse in Nebraska.

There will be a bill this session that wants to add some locking laws on guns as well as a reporting period for stolen guns.

Now, there's rumors the antis may want to add an assault weapons ban in return for granting pre-emption, reciprocity, and no more "gun-free" businesses.

Get the full details and give me your opinion at The Shack.
We just had this discussion.

A few liberal coworkers of mine had this conversation a few weeks ago when Walker was voted in as governor elect and supports finally getting Wisconsin a carry bill. None of these left leaning friends are the proverbal cartoon liberal you see protrayed by the right. These are regular hard working middle class white collar workers who just value different things.

The question at our lunch roundtable was simply this: If we took 2nd ammendment issues off the table permanently what would I as a firearm owner be willing to give in on.

The first piece of ludicracy you need to get around is the fact I'm dealing my rights like its a card in a game of poker. These are my rights and should never even be a consideration...yet here we are in today's U.S where people have forgotten their history.

The second thing was we aren't talking a firearm free for all. I did agree reasonable measures could be put in place (many of which are already in place today). A 3 day waiting period, a national CCW law, a limit on firearm purchases of say 10 a month except in the cases of antiques or large collection purchases, etc. Just as proof they understood very little of what is going on in today's world, many of the things they said we HAD TO HAVE are already in place?. These would be permanent unchangable laws--none of this if we give them a inch now they will want a mile later.

Items they proposed:

Gay marriage is legal. I said sure...since to me gay and straight is about as important as white, black, native american or asian You are either an American or not. As long as the idea of a domestic partnership is abolished along with it...fine.

Abortion is permanently banned in all cases except rape and incest.

There were a few other ones they threw out but these were the two big ones.

So, would you give in on these for for CCW permit?
Now when asked when I think things will change I answer "The next time Thomas (aka the fed) robs Peter (aka the 53%) to pay Paul (aka the 47%) and Peter pulls a gun...things will change"
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