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That round from a gel test I posted some time ago was a Remington Express loading, not the lower cost UMC. I'd imagine the bullet is the same (but I don't know, since I've never used the UMC load and the Rem LE rep didn't bring any to a gel event I attended), and I don't know if it's loaded to the same spec's, velocity-wise.

The Rem R40SW2C was on the state contract here several years ago. (I was told the "C" on the end of the product code was added to indicate it met the state bid specifications at that time. The commercial offering uses the R40SW2 product code.)

I believe the R40SW2 load is listed at 1,015fps, but the round in the picture produced 960fps according to my notes. It was fired into a gel block covered by 4 layers of denim from a Sig P229.
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