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This week

I finished listing MAC10 parts, Ruger Mini 14 parts, Ruger .45 single action parts, and Remington 700 bdl coyler magazines on web sites this am. I am downsizing the parts. Sold some HK91/G3 items this am by internet. I decided to set aside about 12 assorted .45 auto barrels for a future gun show. It is too much of a hassle to have to answer emails about match barrels.

I finished going through the extra tools and putting them aside for my older brother who just retired. I don't mind keeping doubles on tools, but triples are too much. He will also pick up some cases of 38 special reloads from me. I finally decided no more reloads, just factory ammo in the future.

I ordered completion screws for a half dozen 870/1100 sidesaddles that will be sold at gun shows.

I have disposed of the equivalent of the a three car garage of personal items this year. I had planned to do it later in life, but the opportunity has presented itself. Any cash generated has gone into other preps.
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