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23? I went through basic at 27, it wasn't bad.

I'm 2T2X1 - air transportation, in the reserves. Mindless job and there really isn't much of a future outside of UPS, FedEx or working for an airline. I joined for the GI Bill mainly, so that's not a concern for me.

We had a guy that F'd up and told a doctor he had asthma as a child when he went to sick call in basic. A few days later he was packing his bags and heading home. Hope you can get your waiver.

I wish I would have gone active out of high school, but that's long since passed. Listen to what others have said here. I've met several former load masters and a handful of linguists. All of them spoke highly of their former career. The former security force members I've met echo what has been said here as well. A few loved it while most could not wait to cross train.

If you have any questions about basic let me know. It's still fairly fresh in my mind and I went through the 8.5 weeks opposed to the 6.5 weeks.
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