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I hope to shoot in some of the matches down in Raton. I also know of the monthly matches Gunsite in Arizona. Do you know of any other matches in Colorado area?

I frankly have no idea how I would do in a match. Sometimes I go out and can hit my 10" steel at each 100 yard increments out to 600 yards then it falls to 50% hits until 800 and falls to 1/4 of the time out to 1100. That is with very little wind. My group sizes are 1/2moa to 1 1/2moa. When the wind comes chaos starts reigning and my first hits can drop to near zero beyond 300 yards or so. It has happened.

I really could use some private instruction. I understand the technical stuff (ranging, moa, mils etc), can work JBM for ballistic tables that are pretty close, but have never had any instruction in "how to shoot", how to hold the rifle, how to absorb the recoil, working under timing restraints etc.

Keep up the good writing and thanks again!
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