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I spent 21 years in Communications as a 2E173, Ground Radio Maint Tech and retired in 2002 as a MSgt (E-7). There are so many options with this job but you would be best in it if you have an aptitude for electronics. There are slots with Special Ops, NSA, NASA, R&D, etc, all while being in the Air Force. On the plus side I was able to ge an Instrumentation Tech job at a Power Plant that pays very well.

If you want a challenging job, check out Pararescue, Combat Control Team, Combat Weather to just mention a few.

Since Security Forces restructured awhile back, there are not different jobs or career fields like LE, Security Police, and CATM. They are a large pool and assigned from that at their duty station depending on needs. A former Security Forces member may correct me on this. I know manning was so low at Malmstrom when I was there that they forcast their leave a year in advance where I could ask and usually get leave a day in advance.

I had an excellent recruiter when I went in but I pretty much aced the ASVAB so they knew I wasn't just a warm body in a slot.

Personnally, I would not mention the asthma if you have not had any problems in the last several years. I found out from my mom I had asthma as a child but I already had 10 years in the service so I never said a thing since it was a non issue.

Good Luck


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