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XDMikey, What bullet are you going to be using as everything is relevent! Note the quoted GPE427 is using a 4.6" & 6" barrels in the testing. Those plated bullets can have very thin plating and if driven beyond what it can take it will sheer off, others complain of keyholing. The only plated bullets I've used were Speer Gold Dots.

I used the following data for a 200 XTP seated to 1.260" CCI 300 Remington Nickel brass...Use with caution as it is slightly above the recomended data for 200FMJ's and the XTP's are longer in total length.

200gr Hornady XTP 8.0grs. PowerPistol 1170 fps – 1200 fps Tested 1006
200gr Hornady XTP 8.0grs. PowerPistol 1080 fps – 1127 fps Tested Glock 29

These functioned well and preformed well from these guns set up with Wolff 22lb Recoil spring in the S&W and Wolff 21lb springs and noncaptured rod w the G-29.
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