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Thanks for all the replies. I'm still waiting on the local hospitals and clinics to get my records to my recruiter. Longest and most annoying thing so far.

Thanks for the imput about SF. It's something I am interested in because I am interested in a possible carreer in law enforcment. I'm also a gun nut (go figure, this is GT afterall...).

However, I am keeping my options open. When I was in high school I got a 90 or something on the ASVAB, so we'll see how things go when I'm finally able to take it again. I've been told that depending on how things work out, they could stick me in a job that requires higher scores, simply because they need the guys who can qualify for those jobs.

For all I know, I could end up assigned something I never would have dreamed up, and end up loving it.

As far as getting ready for basic goes, I'm going to start getting with some buddies and working out. I'm already in decent shape, but would like to build up my strength and endurance a bit.
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