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Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
Not Security Forces, Hell No, No Way!!!

...And I know what I'm talking about because I spent 21 years in the USAF
as a Security Policeman (1971-1992). I retired a Master Sergeant in 1992.

Security Forces (as it's now called) is nothing more than a plain old security
guard job. The only difference between it and a civilian security guard job is
what you're guarding. Nuclear weapons versus some warehouse somewhere.

Where will your Security Forces training get you a job after you leave the AF?
You guessed it! A security guard job. Think about it!

Don't get me wrong. I loved the job, but it's not for everyone. Hell, it's not
for 95% of most people. I liked it because I have a tremendous amount of patience,
don't mind boredom, I like guns, the outdoors and I like being alone.

Does that describe you?

Unless you like standing all alone out in the freezing rain or the scorching hot sun
for hours at a time, stay away from security forces.

As previously stated, get a specific job guarantee in writing before you sign anything.
Security Foces is the largest enlisted career field and chances are that's where you'll end up
if you don't get a specific job guarantee in writing before you join.

Recruiters are always pressured to fill SF job slots because the USAF always needs them due
to the high turnover rate. They will stick your ass there in a heartbeat.

Please don't misunderstand my rant. I loved every minute of every day while
I was a Security Policeman, but I saw many, many, many unhappy people in that job.
  • I gotta agree yet disagree. Security forces( Security Specialist) 1988-2004, 1st Sgt 2004-2007. Retired in 2007. I was SAC ( Barksdale LA), USAFE ( Europe), AMC( transports), and 1st Sgt for a C-130 Sq, and a Civil Engineer Sq. Yes, like any police job the hours and shifts can suck. It can be boring no doubt. But, I've done my time on the "stone" guarding nukes, etc. I've also worked in the armory, training, and as a Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection NCO. The career field is not for everyone... Currently SF is heavily deployed in Afghanistan, and Iraq so lots of time in the "box". And yes, SF does go outside the wire. As far as jobs, and you might think this is BS, but I tool my SF background, earned a degree on my off duty time(on-line) and now currently work in the homeland security world for a governmental agency. I would also agree that a flying job(loadmaster) is a pretty good life, and worth considering. I was able to work embedded security with the aircrews, which was very cool. PM me if you want, I married a LA girl...
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