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Can you count reading and research as preps? That's been what I've been doing most of. Trying to get that age-old question answered, "where do I start?"

Thinking of doing a garden this year. There's obvious cost savings and ability to feed in a crisis issues there, but also I thought it would be a fun thing to do with my son who will be four in May. We also have a baby due in May so a few extra pennies here and there wouldn't hurt.

I really just need to organize. I read a lot of these threads and when it comes to the basics, I'm always saying "Hey I have that/those." But we live in a small house with bad storage so the crap that I do have is scattered around, unorganized.

So I need to organize, prioritize, take inventories, etc. I also have a buttload of stuff I need to peddle off in a garage sale or other venue. And if baby #2 turns out to be a girl (which we found out in 3.5 hours today), I'll have a ton of boys' clothes and toys I can throw into that garage sale pile.
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