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Originally Posted by JK-linux View Post
Final payments on my Discover and Master Cards to zero out the year. Sold off last of my odd caliber firearms. Looking into getting a nice simple 3 month stash of food/water set aside. I'd say I'm quitting smoking on the first of the year, but that would jinx it.
If SHTF, I would max out my cards beforehand. Why pay off the credit cars and deplete your cash when the world is coming to an end? Max out on supplies. Survive. Endure. Adapt. Overcome.

Originally Posted by PrO... View Post
I gave my fingerprints to my local sheriff's office for a background check to get my CCW...does that count?
You done git it now, boyeee! When the Cubans and Russians start parachuting into your town, they're going to find all the 4473 forms and the CCW permit registry and come after you!

Originally Posted by wrenrj1 View Post
I have carbo/protein loaded on turkey, yams, corn casserole, stuffing, to the extent that I'm good through March without eating a single meal. I have also done the same with the terriers who act as my early warning system. A Trader Joe's has opened less than a mile away. I plan to make that my base of operations, as I like their frozen fish, and their employees will make for a supplemental food source, just wash them first...
Traders is good. I love their fresh apple juice but can't say for sure how their employees would taste. The ones here are all young kids that don't look too healthy nor thrilled to be there.
Originally Posted by blueiron:
I've said it before and I'll say it here: they'd look better with lividity.
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