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When I first started looking at Bullpups my thought was that the shorter overalll length is a plus and the full length rifle barrel will give me comparable accuracy (another plus). How can I go wrong?

When I first got the bullpup (M17S) I practiced with it like a close range tactical rifle. No problem, excellent accuracy everything was fine. Then I put a scope and a bi-pod on it and gave it a try at 100 yards and out. Not only did I see a difference in results here, but I could feel it too. Thats why I feel like it is a bullpup design thing and not a rifle accuracy issue. It was very different to shoot.

It seems like the overall length of a standard rifle is an extension of the barrel allowing you better accuracy (it seems easier to steady). With the bullpup it seems like a small error at my hand or shoulder will equal a much bigger variance at the target. Bigger than with a standard rifle and much more difficult to steady.

Just wondering if anyone has a similar experience or tips to help.
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