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Originally Posted by yesitsloaded View Post
Excellent advice!

I fly all the time with my weapons checked - do most of the things you suggest, but have a whole new list of time-saving things to do now - thanks.

Out of all your suggestions, I love the idea of cable-locking the padlocked weapon(s) case to the inside of the luggage the best!

I was under the impression that you had to have your ammo packed in a separate case from the weapon(s)? I fly mostly on Continental - maybe it's just their rule - but I do so anyway.

Edit: 'Drew beat me to the ammo question
It depends. General interpretation is that the fiber case for the ammo qualifies as the "separate case". You just cannot have it rolling around in the gun case. Or in the mags if the mags aren't properly covered. And in a separate compartment outside the checked box has always been enough for me, and only on Northwest was it ever in question. Again, that's just my experience.

Here's continental's regs on Ammo:
No more than 11 pounds of ammunition may be carried. The ammunition may be packed in the same container as the firearm or in a separate container. Ammunition must be packed in the manufacturer's original package or securely packed in fiber, wood or metal containers. The ammunition inside the container must be protected against shock and secured against movement. The ammunition may be packed in the same container as the firearm or in a separate container.
SOURCE: under "firearms".

And here's the NRA's quick page to the airline's regs. All seem to be fine with ammo in the same case, and if anything seem to prefer it locked with it.
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