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Originally Posted by MacG22 View Post

California is about as bad as it gets. So I just called California DOJ firearms office ((916)263-4887) and asked about a stopover/cancellation/etc and what I should do.

There were two suggestions, and he was incredibly helpful and friendly:

1. Consider terminal storage

2. If not, and a passenger (non resident of California) is forced to stop over in California (Los Angeles from LAX, for example), then the hotel becomes their temporary residence and there's no need to call ATF/DOJ, etc, to inform. Just keep the handgun in TSA condition--broken down is best, locked, unloaded, etc-- and all is fine. He said this works for a period of passing through. If you decided to spend a few extra days and play, it would become subject to out of state transport and etc and may become a different situation.

I'd want to call NY as well to see if it's the same, but California is about as strict as it gets so I imagine that if you inquire at each state, about the same standard could apply. That is an assumption. I'll see if I can get ahold of NYC as well.
Great read.. I'm not much of a traveler, but you've posted some good and handy info. I think most of us have read about what happened to the gun owner who was detained for 3mo before it was finally worked out. Sounds like Terminal Storage is the best idea if you think there is any possibility you'll be stopped in NYC/NJ.

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