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Originally Posted by skyparker View Post
The wife and I are headed to Florida on Allegiant Air in a couple of weeks and are planning to take 3 autos in a Pelican/Storm type case. (1 CCW, 1 bug, 1 for a range to train) I'm taking just a few mags worth of SD ammo and purchasing range ammo there.

I'll take advantage of the OP's great tips and follow his steps of firearm/ammo prep, case prep and securing all to my baggage.

Has anyone had experience or issues flying with more than one firearm in a case? If asked "why?" by an agent or TSA, what would be an appropriate response?

Sometimes I fly with two. But never more than two... just because I didn't have need.

A few considerations:

1. Every airline has a different standard. In general, you can take one to four in one case, total (sometimes in multiple cases, depending on the airline). That's just a general outline... be sure to read and have a copy for you airline (never been on it).

2. When I carried two I was never asked why, but if so I would probably throw out something like "pistol sports competition". Sure, it's not the truth. And I understand it's none of their business (you don't have to answer the question even if they ask), however I personally see a lot of value in putting the gate agent at ease. They don't need to know your theories about personal defense and concealed carry. They don't need to know anything, really. But I have found that the more at ease they are, the quicker you get through and the less hassle you have.

Just my opinion and there are certainly many sides to the issue of "what to tell them above and beyond the law and their regulations".

Have a good trip, and if you're able, please post an account of your travel experience here when you get back.
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