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Originally Posted by skyparker View Post
ALLEGIANT AIR WARNING... I found this out today and what a big surprise I got. The following is the entire firearm script copied straight from the Allegiant Air website at

Allegiant allows firearms to be transported using the following guidelines:
  1. All customers must declare their firearm at time of check-in.
  2. Firearms and ammunition cannot be carried on-board the aircraft and are accepted in checked baggage only.
  3. All firearms must be unloaded
  4. Firearms must be in a locked case and must be able to withstand normal baggage handling without damaging the firearm or other baggage.
  5. Small-arms ammunition intended for sport or hunting are accepted only if carried in a sturdy checked bag.
  6. Ammunition must be in the manufactures original container, or equivalent fiber, wood, or metal container specifically designed to carry ammunition. This carrier must provide sufficient cartridge separation.
  7. The following are per person limitations on ammunition:
    1. No more than three hundred (300) rounds of pistol (rim fire) ammunition.
    2. No more than one hundred twenty (120) rounds of rifle (center fire) ammunition.
    3. No more than one hundred fifty (150) shotgun shells.
    4. The total gross weight of the ammunition cannot exceed eleven (11) pounds per passenger.
    5. One handgun case (with only 1 unloaded handgun inside) will be accepted for each paying passenger.
    6. One shotgun case (with maximum 2 unloaded shotguns inside) will be accepted for each paying passenger.
    7. One rifle case (with maximum 2 unloaded rifles inside) will be accepted for each paying passenger.

I previously wrote in an earlier post that I desired to take 3 firearms in one Pelican/Storm type case. So, I called Allegiant today to confirm.
OK, per the rule, I was ready to comply and only take two guns using two gun cases with one gun in each case. And, per the rule, my wife and I are both paying passengers. This is where they got me... I was informed by Allegiant they only allow ONE handgun in ONE case in ONE CHECKED BAG.

WOW, unless somebody sees something I don't, the entire rule script does not mention, infer or interpret anything like that. How are we supposed to interpret "paying passengers" to really mean "paid checked baggage?" Not all passengers in this day and time with high bag fees check more than 1 bag. This seems somewhat misleading to say the least. Needless to say, I'm not too happy about it.

Well, I'm so glad I I called didn't make a lot of sense to have 2 guns in 2 cases in 1 checked bag, but I was ready to comply. It just chaps me that it's not stated that way.

Had I not called and went ahead and followed the letter of their law, my wife and I would have had a mess on our hands with a extra gun or two at the ticket counter. It probably would not have even mattered if I had their firearm rules printed in hand. The only way we can take two guns now is to pay an extra $40plus to check another bag.

What I learned today: Read the airlines rules, then call them for the interpretation.

Oh..and fly Southwest Airlines... No baggage fees and they allow multiple firearms to be transported inside one hard-sided case.

So which gun will you be taking? Is it worth it for you to take the extra $40 for the bag (for both legs) to have the other pistol with you?

Good thing you made the call. However, had you have had a a copy of their regs from their site (One per passenger) and made it to the gate, I bet you would have been able to speak with a manager and been fine. The last thing they want at the gate is a scene, and if they caused you to miss your flight because they worded their regs poorly they would open themselves up to any manner of administrative issues. Especially if your wife holds up her cell phone camera and says something like, "Honey, we're gonna be youtube stars."

Really, though, in my experience and with all the folks I've compared notes with on this stuff if you have TSA regs and the airline regs on you and you follow it to the letter, you'll get on the plane regardless of what else they try to interpret at the gate. However, I always hold to the rule that it's best not the be the test case and I won't provoke any situations. I carry the rules because, if I accidentally find myself in some situation I can simply point out that I was following everything to the letter of their law.
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