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Originally Posted by MacG22 View Post
Every airline is different. Some are really easy about it (just properly secure your unlaoded mags, etc) and some are more harsh. I have adopted a system which is pretty foolproof... I found what I believed to be the strctest interpretations and I use them for every flight. It's not necessary to do that, but there's no chance for mistakes if I get rushed or have a temporary lapse in memory, etc. My default routine satisfies the strictest requirements.

I use the kiosks if I need. Generally I try to check in online before I get there, though.

Here's why I like to use the kiosks...

When you check in at the kiosk, you can pretty well get done by the time they come and try and take any back you have selected to check. And you can select your seat, etc, which can be nice.

If you go to the counter and you get someone who is put off by the firearm, they may not be as kind an accommodating when selecting your seat for you. I was given a middle seat one time from that story I posted in the OP and when the plane took off there were tons of other seats open.

So the kiosk isn't bad, in my experience, but by far the best way to have checked in online and printed your boarding pass at hone, IMO.

What is the proper way to secure my mags? Lock them in the case with the gun. Can the ammo boxes just be placed in my checked bag?
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