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Originally Posted by NickV02 View Post
Do you hold the case outside of your luggage while you declare it or do you have it packed already in the suitcase and then once you declare what you have you take it out of the suitcase when they want to inspect it?

Thanks for this great writeup !!
IMO I'd be careful about this. Depending on the carry laws of the state you're in, walking up to the counter with an encased but not packed firearm may or may not be legal. The exception might be that if the firearm case was your only luggage, you'd probablt be finebut I don't travel that way.. My procedure is to pack the case in my luggage and only open the luggage after declaring the firearm to the counter rep. and following their instructions. I have had one or two occasions where the rep didn't even bother to look at the weapon before handing me the declaration to sign

I'd rather pack it and be safe rather than sorry. Again, my .02 Others may disagree.
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