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Originally Posted by skyparker View Post
(This is the follow-up on my two posts made April 6th within this thread.)

Back from my Florida trip....

All went well with my departure on Allegiant Airlines declaring my Glock27 in a Pelican type case. I followed MacG22's instructions to the letter. I informed the Allegiant ticket agent that I had a firearm to declare. He simply had me sign their declaration notice. The gun case was placed in my suitcase. When the agent saw how it was secured with a cable and double locks, he only stated, "It's unloaded, right?" and left it at that.

The ticket agent then called for TSA. TSA escorted me to their bag screening area and saw how the case was secured and again I was only asked if it was unloaded. He then swabbed the interior of my suitcase and told me all was OK. There was NO interior inspection of the gun case at all.

The whole process from start to finish lasted 15min. Declaring the the firearm and doing the TSA screening probably took 10min or less.

Again, thanks to Mac for his write-up. I will have no hesitation of doing this again in the future.

(Oh, For our return trip, we had an overweight suitcase
due to the wife's shopping. So, a buddy of mine brought my gun case back from FL on his private plane. And yes, it was still unloaded and double locked.)

Thanks for the update. I'm very glad it went well for you.
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