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Just wanted to give my recent flying exprience out of Will Rogers World Airport OKC flying Frontier Airlines, then returning from Denver International Airport flying United Airlines.
I packed my pistol per Mac's guide, using a Gun Vault Nano case secured by the cable tied through the suitcase's interior portion of the handle. The suitcase was a hardsided Samsonite, purchased specifically for carrying my pistol. It featured a mounted TSA lock on the outside of the suitcase.
The SHOT ShowCase

At the start of my trip, I went directly to the Will Rogers ticket counter, I used Mac's declaration statement just as he wrote it, and before I could get it all out, the ticket counter babe interupted me, saying," I'm not going to inspect it! It is unloaded isn't it?" In which I responded yes. She had me sign a red tag declaring it was unloaded, and was instructed to put insided the suitcase. So Will Rogers went smooth as a babies butt.
The SHOT ShowCase

On my return flight leaving DIA, I packed identical, said the identical statement, and before I could get my entire speil out, was interupted with,"TSA escort!" Meaning, a TSA employee had to escort me to another room with a screener machine and several TSA employees, where my luggage was screened with the machine but not opened, asked me if it the pistol was in a hardsided, locked case, then was given the "I'm finished" look from TSA, and the TSA escort took my suitcase back to United, and directed me to the TSA passenger screening area.

Soooo, wasn't a bad experience like I had imagined in my mind leading up to the flight. I will fly with my firearm without to much concern in the future.

I want to thank this forum, and especially this post for an accurate guide for firearm travel.
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