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Originally Posted by steveksux View Post
Any advice if you have a connection/layover in NYC? Are you out of luck? Do their ammo restrictions (HP, mag capacity) affect you, or are you covered by fed laws regarding travel through where you're legal at the endpoints?

Heard rumors of ugly stuff in NYC when people get layovers, or flight problems keep them stranded overnight...

DO NOT i repeat DO NOT take possession of your suitcase containing the firearm during your layover. Make arrangements with the airline to secure it. A court case in the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals denied the appeal of a traveler found guilt of weapons possession in NJ because the defendant "had access " to the luggage when he went to a hotel for an unscheduled layover and therefore could not claim FOPA protection The court denied the appeal only on the grounds of his "having access" to the firearm in violation of FOPA. I read from this is that it's OK to travel in NY with a firearm but if you layover don't "have access" to the firearm. I'd pack overnight clothes and put them in your carry on and make arrangements with the airline to secure your luggage overnight.

Link to appeal:
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