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Here is the set-up I promised to photo for you:

The SHOT ShowCase
Eye-Bolt was placed "eye" inside a piece of hardsided luggage. Plastic coated cable was attached through the eye.

The SHOT ShowCase
This is the outside of the bag. I epoxied the nut to the threaded portion of the eye-bolt. The white piece of soft plastic covers the remaining threaded portion nicely. All this stuff came from a local ACE Hardware store. Nothing exotic here. Do note the two washers I used, one on either side of the shaft of the eye-bolt (one washer inside the hard sided luggage, the other placed on the outside).

The SHOT ShowCase
This is the other end of the plastic coated cable. As you can see I fasten the cable using the same hasp lock I use to secure my Pelican hard sided case. Note the weapon card. Put there the last time I flew via JetBlue. Yeah, I know the regs. Go figure.

Will this absolutely prevent me from losing a handgun when I fly? Nope. But it will make it a heck of a lot more difficult for some mutt to simply just take my handgun case from my luggage.

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