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I'll be 66 in 20 years, hopefully able to retire comfortably... but I am actually worried about that now, have been the last couple years. Wife and I are working on it, and 20 years from now should(!) be debt free and still be living in the same house.

Although, hopefully with that second bathroom added by then...

I hope to still be dragging a camper around and seeing the country. Possibly I'll be taking some grandkids along.

I figure I'll still be reading GlockTalk... but maybe by then it'll be one big internet "cloud" universe, and we'll all be sitting in round table discussions using our holographic selves...

Now? Well, I owe about 20 years worth of monthly checks on my house with its one bathroom, have too many bills, two teenagers in the house, drag a camper around, and sit around posting on GlockTalk. And a lovely wife who I still get along with.

See you all in 20 years!
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