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I heard nothing but doom and gloom about tanking my 20c to Front Sight for a 4 day class that included night shooting.

Other than a few students that tried to go through the class with foam ear plugs and got next to me, the gun ran through almost 700 rounds without a hicup, and was really fast on follow up double taps. My next in line students with the foam plugs complained about the noise. but they could move away.

I could see the little fire jets coming up an inch or so during the night shoot, but running the AcroAir Ghost Ring tritium sights, I had no problem picking up my front sight for a 2 or 3 shot.

Don;'t have a 9mm so cannot comment on shooting the compensated model, but have shot a lot of 10mm and 40Sw in the compensated barrel and especially with the 10mm my 2nd shot is less than .3 seconds after the 1st with the compensator. With the non-compensated barrel it is over .5 seconds so almost twice as long.
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