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Originally Posted by sigchaser723 View Post
The difference is that a revovolver has flash comming from the cylinder gap while the c models have it comming from the top of your weapon along the same plane as your sights. Under low light this could potentially deminish your night vision and lead to a problem aquiring a proper sights picture after the first round. I don't want to carry a c model for that reason and one other which is I don't see the point esspecially with a 9mm it just seems pointless but if it works for you then go for it.

another person that hasn't shot a C model before, just regurgitating info he/she heard on the internet.

I've shot a C model in the night, is it no worse then shooting a regular model.

99% of the people that talk bad about the C models on here have never shot one, so take what you hear for what its worth.
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