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I'd have no issues carrying a compensated pistol; provided of course, that it's a reliable, & proven in my hands, quality pistol that I can accurately hit what I'm aiming at with.

To me though, the real question about compensated pistols is not whether or not a real or perceived muzzle flash would cause temporary blindness, is debris blasted up into my eyes/line of sight, etc., the real question to me is, why? If a "C" model is all you've got, or is the one you train the most with, or are the most accurate with, then I'd say sure, go ahead & carry it. But, if the reason why one wants to carry a "C" model is to throw more caliber down range, 'assuming' that a compensated .40 or .45 cal, etc. will recoil like a softer shooting caliber, then I'd say "no": Save your $ or leave the "C" model at home & carry the gun that you're more proficient with".
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