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Originally Posted by sigchaser723 View Post
Let me give you a momment to remove your foot from your mouth. Nowhere in my post do I say I have never shot a c model in fact I have shot a couple most notably the 23c which I tried in a low light senario the weapon belonged to a friend who was kind enough to allow me to try it since I was thinking about buying one. The senario was at an indoor range with most of the lights off to simulate a night shoot not ideal but not horrible since its all we had. I fired 165gr gold dots and frankly to me the sights were harder to aquire after the flash from the port but once again that's me I told the op if it worked for him then to go for it. Additionally I have fired several other ported guns both semi and revolvers and while they would work well in a comp I just didn't like the idea of carrying them. Frankly you seem to be in the catagory of people who feel they become psycic when their fingers touch the keyboard
If that came across as abrasive then I apologize but frankly I for one am sick of people who don't know me making judgment calls over a forum. If you don't agree with something I say that's cool to each their own just because something works for me doesn't mean it will for you and the same holds truebthe other way too. If you want to question somthin I post go ahead I am not the type to get pisses about that just man up and ask instead of being childish and assuming you know all. Rant complete thankyou for your time
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