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We had minor breechface damage detected during semi-annual armorer inspection. Over the phone, the glock rep immediately pronounced it to be from dryfiring. It turned out to be someting else, but his immediate pronouncement of dryfiring as the cause told me all I needed to know. That said, many of our guns have been dryfired a thousand or more times with no ill effects. Sans snap caps.

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I am as guilty as anyone else when it comes to dry firing Glocks. I've always dry fired 100 times the night before and the morning of a match. My assumption was that if you have to dry fire a Glock to field strip it, then it must be OK to dry fire it, period. Well, I've been wrong (again). The official word from Glock is:

"If you’re going to dry fire onther than for disassembly, use a snap cap."

That is a fact and not an invitation for argument. Just accept it for what it's worth.

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