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Originally Posted by chasbo00 View Post
At most competition pistol matches, shooters are required to "unload and show clear" at the end of stages. This entails removing the magazine; pulling the slide to the rear if it's not already at slide lock; physically showing that the chamber is empty to the range or safety officer, letting the slide go forward; and lastly, pulling the trigger (dry firing) the pistol before re-holstering. I don't think inserting a "snap-cap" in this process will be well received.

My personal dry fire practice drills would be cumbersome with "snap-caps."

I would also like to hear a technical explanation why dry fire with a Glock, other than for disassembly, should be with "snap-caps."

Why is it cumbersome with snap caps? You only need to move the slide back enough to re-engage the trigger. Do you let the snap cap fly out of the gun everytime?
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