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Originally Posted by AustinTx View Post
I agree with the point English is making here, it looks like the ramp on the chamber side of the Glock extractor should ride over the case rim. It just seems like it doesn't want to work that way though. It may work better if the bevel were cut at a more shallow angle.

I'm gonna need to disagree about the 1911. Their little thin, beveled and polished extractors will ride over a chambered round, without any problem. I don't do that, though and it's not a particularly good idea to load a 1911 that way. Any pistol that is going to be issued to an army needs to be foolproof. The 1911 never had a reputation for breaking extractors, because of the design.
Well, I've been shooting 1911s for 40 years and all I can tell you is no really knowledgeable 1911 aficianado will do this. It is absolutely not designed to do it, it definitely will damage the extractor if done repeatedly, and you will eventually begin having FTEs. You'll ruin the extractor's tuning and risk breaking/chipping the hook. It was, BTW, a good way to get chewed out at Gunsight, at least when Jeff Cooper was still in charge. It was one of the things they instructed us not to do... with any pistol (not just 1911s).
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