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Originally Posted by TxGun View Post
Well, I've been shooting 1911s for 40 years and all I can tell you is no really knowledgeable 1911 aficianado will do this......
I have no doubt of the truth of your statement, but to what extent is that knowledge based on empirical evidence as opposed to something that some said seemed likely that was repeated by more and more people?

Wriggly's statement above seems likely to be about 1911s since Glock extractors are not tuned. It indicates that 1911 extractors chip often enough to be noteworthy, but is there any substantial link to that damage being caused by dropping the slide on a loaded chamber or is it just thought that it is?

I can see that a mis-fitted extractor, where that is possible, or one that is out of spec, or a pistol which has a notch along side the chamber for the extractor to fit into could result in an impact between extractor and barrel face which could chip the extractor. That is very differeing from an impact on the relatively soft brass of a cartridge against the camming ramp of the extractor.

Here the mass of the extractor is negligible and the spring pressure holding it in the closed position is so low that it can be moved with a finger nail. This does damage the finger nail but it is really not much resistance! It seems to me that if this can damage an extractor there is a fault with its hardening, its design or its manufacture. If that is the case, I would sooner stress it enough to make it fail, find out why and fix it so that it does not fail again.

As AustinTx said, any pistol intended to be issued to an army should be foolproof. An extractor which fails with such slight provokation does not meet that criterion.

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