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[QUOTE=English;16083439As AustinTx said, any pistol intended to be issued to an army should be foolproof. An extractor which fails with such slight provokation does not meet that criterion.


Really? Do you guys know anything about the 1911 design, other than what you think it should be? This appears to be reality vs. the theoretical. 1) No pistol is completely foolproof, military issue or not, and that includes the 1911, and the Berreta 92. 2) Proper training is the vehicle that teaches you what to do, and perhaps more importantly, what not to do. 3) Arguing about this is futile, so what I'm going to suggest to you is: send an inquiry to any reputable 1911 gunsmith and ask him if dropping the slide on a chambered round is a good idea. Go ahead. See what response you get back. Might you get away with it a few times? Sure. Is it damaging, especially if done routinely? Absolutely! And again, while some designs might handle it beter than others, I doubt any manufacturer of any semi-auto pistol would encourage you to do this with their product. If you think they would...ask them. They all are designed such that the cartridge rim comes up under the extractor during the normal feeding cycle, and the extractor hook is not meant to jump the cartridge rim as SOP.
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