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Originally Posted by TxGun View Post
Really? Do you guys know anything about the 1911 design, other than what you think it should be? 1) No pistol is completely foolproof, military issue or not, and that includes the 1911, and the Berreta 92. 2) Proper training is the vehicle that teaches you what to do, and perhaps more importantly, what not to do. 3) Tell you what, arguing with someone who has no practical knowledge is futile, so what I'm going to suggest to you is: send an inquiry to any reputable 1911 gunsmith and ask him if dropping the slide on a chambered round is a good idea. Go ahead. See what response you get back. Might you get away with it a few times? Sure. Is it damaging, especially if done routinely? Absolutely! Jeez...obvious 1911 novices telling us how the 1911 should be designed.
Well, I do have one and I have had one or another over more than 20 years. I used to think it was the ultimate combat pistol but nowadays I prefer Glocks.

None of that matters very much relative to your rather arrogant post. Let me try to put it another way. Designing a latch that will pass over the rim of a rimless cartridge as the slide closes is not a great feat of mechanical engineering. Designing one that does not break as it does so should not be something at a very high level of design skill. Can you explain why this is so difficult if the situation is as you claim it to be? I actually have quite a lot of practical knowledge. Is your problem that you don't have much theoretical knowledge and so you can't answer the actual question?

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