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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
Thank you brisk.

I have been fortunate to be able to stick with it for so long. In my younger days, I used to buy and sell quite a few handguns and long guns. I really regret selling a few of them too, as I'm sure many of you are as well.

Yeah, Ive already learned that selling guns is a bad idea unless you really need the money for something more important. I don't like trading or selling to get something else, its like giving up something you wanted and got, just to get something else you want. Your not really gaining anything. Its always better to wait til you have the money, it makes the purchase that much sweeter in the end. I miss the guns Ive traded or sold and Im gonna replace them. To me, sometimes different guns appeal to me in different moods, and I may be in a mood that doesn't seem to want something too much, like a snub-nose revolver, but if I get rid of it (even though I have several) I will eventually regret it.
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